Liquidation services


You can find our auction listings on HiBid or our individual listings on eBay and Amazon above. 

Liquidation services


Where do I buy/bid?

You can find our auction listings on HiBid or our individual listings on eBay and Amazon below:


What we do


Online Auctions

Full Sails Trading auctions goods from large online retailers, chain stores and local businesses with excess stock.  We also handle estate sales and private collections through the same Full Sails Trading online auction platform.


eCommerce Platforms

Full Sails Trading liquidates items on trusted eCommerce applications such as eBay (Power Seller and Top Rated Plus), Amazon and Walmart as well as local platforms and marketplaces.


Local Liquidation Solutions

Businesses and Families who want to sell off excess inventory or estate items count on Full Sails Trading to utilize the fastest and most straight-forward path to cash for their stock or goods. Reach out to us and we can talk through your options!

Our Approach to Business

Why Choose Full Sails Trading

Huge variety of products

Since we buy goods from every imaginable liquidation source, you never know what you will find at Full Sails Trading!

High quality goods

We stay away from the least reliable sources of liquidation in order to deliver higher quality merchandise.

Competitive prices

The best part about liquidation is finding fantastic values compared to online and retail stores!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are local online auctions?

The auctions Full Sails Trading runs are managed online through our custom portal. You register and bid online then come to our location (or our customer's location) and pick up your won items.

Where can I return an auction item?

Auctions are "where is, as is" and there are no returns unless we make an obvious error in the listing, in which case you need to make us aware before you leave our pickup location! Please take advantage of preview opportunities or bid knowing the risk.

What if I can't pickup at the times listed?

Unless you have made prior arrangements with Full Sails Trading, do not bid unless you can make the pickup times!

How can I get rid of excess inventory?

Reach out to us - we can either buy your inventory or we can auction it for you. Either way, you have another option for liquidating your overstock into cash.

What about estate auctions?

We handle estate auctions with local auctions - either at the estate location or we can move it to our warehouse for processing..

We have a product that is not sold online - how can we work together?

We buy wholesale goods and sell them through our eCommerce platforms. We have exceptional customer service and ship every business day - same day. Talk to us about your products, we are very interested in expanding our lines.

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